Solarbeam launched with the following features in place:

Phase 1

✔️Expanding Team

Hiring additional developers and support staff, to guarantee quality and quicker turnaround time on future initiatives.


Allowing new users a more user friendly experience by providing an initial transaction fee in $MOVR to initiate their first transactions on the Moonriver network.


Building a convenient bridge within the Solarbeam environment, to provide a more seamless experience for Solarbeam DEX users.

Additional Milestones:

Phase 2

✔️NFT Launchpad

Providing a one stop shop for NFT appreciators to buy NFTs, as well as a platform for content creators to launch their own collections.


Launchpad will be a platform to curate and kickstart projects on the Moonriver network, while also serving as a major burning mechanism for Solarbeam ecosystem.

✔️Swap for Gas

An improved version of the Faucet feature, allowing users to use gasless swaps for $MOVR to initiate their first transactions on the Moonriver network.

✔️Strategic Partnerships

Valuable partnerships to drive growth and increase value of $SOLAR, as well as providing new and exciting services for the crypto community.


Security audits completed by Certik and Haechi and currently in progress with Halborn.

✔️Community Outreach

AMAs, Discord server launch, and introducing the team to the community. There are also plans to organize a number of community events to keep things exciting for Solarbeam supporters.

Phase 3


Allowing for Solarbeam to be genuinely driven by the community, a governance system will be implemented.

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