Frequently Asked Questions

When did Solarbeam launch?

Solarbeam launched September, 2021.

When did farming start?

Farming started at the same time as launch, during September, 2021.

Do I need $SOLAR to earn $MOVR?

No, but you may stake your $MOVR to earn $SOLAR, or pair $MOVR with $SOLAR and stake them in the liquidity pools to earn more $SOLAR.

When will there be an insert token farm?

There are strict requirements to add a farm from a project. Solarbeam will not be announcing farms before they are launched.

Is there a transaction fee on Solarbeam?

Every swap has 0.25% fee. 0.20% of that is going to LP providers while 0.05% to the team. Half of the team allocations from fees will be used for buybacks and burns. Please refer to the "Tokenomics" section for more information.

What are the tokenomics?

Please refer to the "Tokenomics" section for more information.

What is impermanent loss?

Impermanent loss is a change of value of assets compared to when you deposited them. The larger the change of value, the more loss occurs. The loss is reversible when the values return to what they were at the time of deposit. If assets are removed from the pool before the return to the original pricing, then the impermanent loss becomes permanent.

Please click here for more information about impermanent loss.

What is slippage?

Slippage is the % of the difference you want to buy a token compared to the current price. For example, if if the price of the token has changed by the time you initiated transaction, your swap will succeed as long as the difference is within the percentage you chose as the slippage

If I unstake before harvesting, will It auto harvest for me?

Yes, both when you stake or unstake, the contract also auto-harvests your reward.

How is APR calculated?

Solarbeam's APR is calculated with the following formula:

Pool APR = ((pool solar emission per day * solar price) / pool tvl) * 365

Fee APR = (lastDayVolume * 0.002 * 365 * 100) / pairLiquidity

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